Beer of the Month - Taco Mac

Beer of the Month

Scofflaw Basement | 7.5% IPA Shhh! Don’t ask what is happening in the basement! Developed in our original underground brewery, this juicy and dank IPA is loaded with Citra hops in every sip but you have to leave your parent's basement to get it.
Scofflaw POG Basement | 7.5% IPA Meet Basement’s outgoing little brother. A little less business, a lot more party. We add in passion fruit, orange and guava for a big ass tropical kick taking you out of the basement and straight to the islands.
Scofflaw Isle of Guava | 5.3% Guava Sour With 15 pounds of fresh guava in every barrel, this kettle sour has the combo of tart and sweet. We love sours and hope you love it too.
Scofflaw Atlanta Shake | 7.5% Milkshake IPA This Peach Milkshake IPA is loaded with Peaches, A touch of Madagascar vanilla, And lactose for extra creaminess. We dry hop It with 1 Lb per barrel of Citra and Zythos to make sure this shake Is just right for GA!