Beer of the Month

New Realm Blackberry Smoke Southern Light Lager | 4% Light Lager Crafted for refreshment, this Southern Light Lager is a melody of flavor that's crushable and easy drinking with just 110 calories and only 9g of carbs! Inspired by our rocking friends, ATL's own Blackberry Smoke.
New Realm Kickflipper | 7% IPA Kickflipper, the gnarliest West Coast-Style IPA in town! This brew's got the perfect kick of hops, loaded with Centennial, Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe. Drop in and catch some nostalgic liquid stoke with every sip, shredding your thirst for danky hops.
New Realm Peaceful Groove | 5% Tropical Wheat Ale Peaceful groove, where the soothing vibes of pineapple and passion fruit harmonize in every sip. This brew invites you to a paradise of flavor, a musical symphony of tropical notes, and a moment of pure tranquility.
New Realm Psychedelic Rabbit |6.5% IPA Feed your head with this innovative IPA designed to provide a burst of passion fruit, pineapple, and tangerine juiciness that will blow your mind.
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