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Edmund's Oast Something Cold | 5% Blonde Ale Soft, malty aromas with ever-so subtle hints of orchard fruit waft from its tightly knit foam cap, but the finish is fast and clean. Dry, and always ultra deluxe, ask for Something Cold when only something cold will do.
Edmund's Oast Bound by Time | 7% IPA This olfactory explosion of a beer bursts at the seams with aromas of freshly cut cantaloupe and naval orange. Made with good old-fashioned hop-bursting techniques and irresponsible dry-hopping technology, Bound by Time is an offering to those looking for something brimming with hop character and as unadulterated as a butterfly’s wing.
Edmund's Oast Cereal for Dinner | 5% Blonde Ale Balanced with just the right amount of milk sugar, almond, coconut, & vanilla, Cereal for Dinner is the perfect answer to the question of what take out of your refrigerator. This blonde ale evokes notes of Saturday morning cartoons and plastic toys. Filled with more than two scoops of our passion, we think this beer is great.*CONTAINS ALMONDS & LACTOSE*
Edmund's Oast Sour Coconut Lime | 5.5% Sour Ale Our series of fruited American Sour Ales come from a love of fresh fruit flavors combined with mouth-watering acidity. We take the same golden sour base beer and referment it with different fruit combinations. Explosive fruit notes erupt from the glass, and one is left with a quenched thirst, yet thirsty for more.
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