If you love dank IPAs, ignoring the rules, and hanging out in basements, Scofflaw is the brewery for you. This Atlanta brewery named after those who ignored prohibition and drank anyway has had a rapid rise to beer fame thanks to their impressive collection of expertly hopped and super crushable brews. If you haven’t tried one, that needs to change. We’re featuring a killer Scofflaw lineup all March long as our beer of the month in Chattanooga!

Monday, November 4th

March, 5,2020

Scofflaw Basement 7.5%


Shhh! Don’t ask what is happening in the basement! Developed in our original underground brewery, this juicy and dank IPA is loaded with Citra hops in every sip but you have to leave your parents basement to get it.

March 12,2020

Scofflaw POG Basement 7.5%


Meet Basement’s outgoing little brother. A little less business, a lot more party. We add in passion fruit, orange and guava for a big ass tropical kick taking you out of the basement and straight to the islands.

March 19,2020

Scofflaw Dirty Beaches 6.3%

Tropical Wheat

We got down and dirty with our tropical wheat. A spirited collaboration with Victory Brands, this hybrid wheat and IPA whets your palate, just like you beaches like it. Easy drinking with a soft creamy body and waves of tropical fruit aromas. Dirty Beaches is filthy good.

March 26,2020

Scofflaw Double Jeopardy 10%


This juicy double IPA is worth the risk! Tropical hops lead DJ’s intense citrus flavor and aroma. Then finishes with a bittersweet boozy tingle. Its only offense is not being tried twice, so if convicted, beware of the blackout!

Miles Away!
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