Tapping into Jekyll Brewing

March 1, 2016

tacomac_jekyll_schorch-38Craft beer came to Georgia earlier than you might think; our state was actually home to the first brewery in the Deep South. Way back in 1738, Major William Horton began brewing beer on Jekyll Island, a formerly dry penal colony. Horton found the colonists were happier and less unruly once they’d had a few, and Georgia has loved its beer ever since.


Out of this spirit for love of beer came Jekyll Brewing, the first brewery located in Alpharetta. Jekyll Brewing started as a conversation between founder Michael Lundmark and local brewer Josh Rachel leading to an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. In just over one month, Lundmark and Rachel successfully raised more than $35k – just what they needed to build out their tasting room and put other final touches on the brewery. They’ve been brewing unique, award-winning beers ever since!



Jekyll is dedicated to creating uniquely balanced brews from the finest ingredients. They’re passionate about great beer, the camaraderie of the craft brewing industry and the joy of sharing the beers they design. As you’ll see in our featured brews below, Jekyll is always interested in pushing the envelope by trying its hand at brewing styles from around the globe.


Jekyll Brewing has been a great friend to Taco Mac and we’ve long featured their Big Creek Kolsch, a favorite of our regulars. We’re proud to feature three brand new beers from Jekyll Brewing throughout March, each with a uniquely southern story to tell.



Fixin’ To IPA: Fixin’ to is an easy drinking Session IPA blending the aromatics and flavors of papaya, melon and green pepper from late-addition hop dosing.  The nice, late finish helps balance out the beer’s bitterness, making it the perfect partner in whatever you’re “fixin’ to” do.


Cattywampus India Brown Ale: What do you call a house that doesn’t sit quite right on its foundation? Cattywampus. This India Brown Ale just doesn’t quite make sense, but in a good way! It’s a brown ale in nature, built on an IPA’s foundation with light chocolate malt to make it roasty and smooth. The Mosaic and Amarillo hops give it pronounced berry and pine notes, which sit just a little crooked in this unique ale.


Kinship Belgian-style Golden Ale: This Belgian, Jekyll’s first, is a light, medium-bodied golden ale brewed with traditional Trappist yeast. The kinships made between yeast growers to form such beers give way to a name rooted in friendship. Traditional notes of orange mix with pear, and banana accentuate a peppery phenol aroma.


Which story speaks to you? Be sure to stop in to try of these #BeersOfTheMonth before the taps run dry (not that we would ever let that happen…)!


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