Taco Mac’s Back Bar Additions – The Perfect Mix

February 22, 2017



You all know we’ve got an amazing selection of craft beers and you’ve read about our latest new cocktails. We’re pleased to announce some great new back bar selections as well. There’s truly something for everyone at Taco Mac.

Cooper’s Craft Bourbon

Produced by the parent company of Jack Daniel’s this no age statement (NAS) bourbon pours a beautiful copper color in the glass. While light reflects and shimmers with the golden highlights. The faint vanilla smell is enhanced by the faint oak notes in the background. This bourbon is great straight or as a mixer because it doesn’t have an alcoholic burn.

High West Double Point Rye

This rye manages to create an amazing balance between spicy and tame. The complex taste includes hints of mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts and dark chocolate. It goes down easy, making it a great sipper, straight or on the rocks.

New Wines

We’ve added several new wines to our back bar selections. MYX Tropical Sangria and MYX Classico Sangria for fruity wine lovers. The Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc is sure to please white wine drinkers while the Dark Horse Red Blend will be a favorite among red wine imbibers.

Non-Alcoholic Addition

We’ve also added one non-alcoholic beverage to our back bar selections. Red Bull Yellow is the newest energy drink from the famous winged beverage makers. The yellow version is more tropical fruit in flavor. It’s unlikely to be a mixer, but on its own it’ll help you stay up to enjoy a full night out with your friends.


Whether you’re a devoted beer drinker or not, we have something for every palate. Come by and try any of our newest back bar items and let us know what else you’d like to see.

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