Secret Stash Bash

February 22, 2017



Does the idea of trying completely unheard of beers excite you? Are you the friend that claims to know EVERYTHING about beer? Or do you have one of those friends? Yeah, we thought so! The Secret Stash Bash is for you!

What to Expect

Shh…it’s a secret collection. Even we don’t know everything that’s in it! What we can tell you is that 24 breweries are coming together with their secret collections to surprise and delight beer lovers. The more unexpected in the beer world, the more likely it is to be at this event. We do know there will be everything from cellared and barrel-aged beers to blended, Brett and everything in between.


If a brewer anywhere has dreamt it up, it’s likely to be at the Secret Stash Bash! A few of the participating brewers include Monday Night Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery, Jekyll Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Wild Haven and Three Taverns. Stay tuned to find out more of the 24 participating breweries.


And special for Brewniversity Chanellors – purchase a VIP ticket for a stay in “The Chapter Room” between sessions.

Who You’ll Meet

Bring your equally beer-nerdy buddies or come alone. Either way, you’ll be in great company and meet lots of beer concessioners. Comic con has its superheroes and accompanying nerdiness. The Secret Stash Bash features beer as the superhero and brings beer-nerds out in droves.

Where the Beer is Stashed

Right now, we don’t know where it’s hiding…but we can tell you where it’ll be on March 11! Our Prado location in Sandy Springs, GA is hosting the Secret Stash Bash from 1pm – 7pm that day. Bring your valid ID and your beer knowledge to the Prado Shopping Center for the most surprising, unexpected beers you’ll ever taste!


Purchase your tickets today by clicking the link.

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