NC November Beer of the Month – Goose Island Beer Co.

November 1, 2016


Goose Island brewery began with a man who loved British beer. After tasting pint after pint of fabulous brews, John Hall returned home to Chicago with a mission to bring those same flavors to the United States. In 1988 he presented his craft brew and brought customers in to watch his brewing process. The brewery grew from there and is now the brewing empire providing North Carolina with their Beer of the Month for November.


A completely unique Goose Island beer, 312 is an unfiltered wheat ale that’s packed with flavor. The spicy aroma paves the way for a crisp, fruity ale with a smooth, creamy body. Don’t let the hazy appearance frighten you – that’s the proof that it’s unfiltered. Try it with our Italian Tomato & Cheese Flatbread at any of our North Carolina locations.

Autumn Ale

This red ale is perfect for fall. It captures the essence of changing leaves in a glass and compliments the beautiful color with notes of pine. This hearty beer warms drinkers with each sip, making it the perfect dinner companion on those crisp fall days. Try it with our Baked Spinach & Artichoke Dip.

Four Star

This pilsner is actually worth five stars. The beautiful golden liquid is light and fresh with a clean finish. If you’re in the mood for our Hickory Burger, Four Star won’t leave you feeling too full to enjoy it.


IPAs began when beer was shipped from England to India. This beer was highly hopped for preservation. Goose Island’s IPA evokes this time and produces a hop lover’s dream beer. It starts with a fruity aroma, moves on to a dry malty flavor and finishes with intense hop flavors. Try it with our Monterey Chicken Salad.


Try each of these unique beers at any of our North Carolina locations all November long.

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