Breakfast Beer Flights

January 10, 2017


Breakfast Beers

Believe it or not, prior to the 1800s, the British drank beer for breakfast. Because plain water was usually contaminated and hot drinks like cocoa, tea and coffee were not widely available, beer was considered the breakfast drink. The carbs in beer provided a boost of energy to help drinkers get through the day.


Unlike hot beverages, which were available only to the rich, beer was available and affordable to the masses. It was even considered nutritious and healthy at the time. The high calories count often provided drinkers with most of their daily intake. It was so widely available that beer, at any time of day, became a part of the culture. Brits wrote songs about it and sang them even when sober. To celebrate the versatility of beer, we’ve selected four incredible beers that channel the breakfast beer phenomenon with an American twist.

Banana Bread

If you love banana bread, you’ll adore this beer from Wells Brewing. Dark golden with minimal head this light, crisp beer is incredibly drinkable. While it doesn’t overpower you with banana notes, they are unmistakably and wonderfully present.

Berry Belgian Waffle

Sweet and rich, you could pour this Red Hare brew on your waffles or pancakes. The slight red color is reminiscent of syrup. They add hints of yeast and waffles to create a breakfast brew any Brit would be proud to drink with their morning meal.

Macchiato Espresso

Abita created a beer any coffee drinker will love. It not only looks like coffee in the glass, it also smells and tastes like the traditional American breakfast brew. Hints of lactose come through so you need not be a black coffee lover to enjoy this breakfast beer.

2x Oak’d DIPA

The maple syrup sweetness is perfectly balanced by the spicy oak flavor. Southern Tier creates a carbonated breakfast delight. The reddish-amber color and white head look great in your glass, while the smooth creamy mouth feel leaves you wanting more.


Stop by your local Taco Mac and try our twist on breakfast beers today.

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