Black Out Flight

November 9, 2016


Black Out Flight
Dark ales are a descriptive way to signify that a beer is dark in color. They frequently use dehusked malts to avoid a conflict between bitter hops and acrid malts. The darker brews are typically favored during the colder months to ward of chills. This month, we’re featuring four dark ales on our Black Out Flight.

Sweetwater Festive Winter Warmer
This full bodied beer is brewed only one day a year. Sweetwater rounds out the flavor with cinnamon and mace to warm you from head to toe. Don’t miss out on this limited supply ale. Stop by and try it with our Hickory Burger for a deep warm all the way through your body.

Bell’s Double Cream Stout
The smooth texture of the stout is enhanced by the 10 unique roasted malts. Each one is chosen to give the brew a flavor of rich mocha and espresso. Combined with the soft finish, this creamy stout will leave you feeling toasty and warm. Amp up the warmth even more with our Chicken Tortilla Soup.


Left Hand Fade to Black
A rich rye ale, Fade to Black boasts a dark brown color and off-white foamy head. Scents of rich coffee, maple and sweet agave wrap you in a cozy blanket. Starting with the first sip, this ale warms you from the inside out. Try it with our Buffalo Chicken Sandwich for a warmth you can’t beat.

Founders Breakfast Stout
If you love your morning cup of job, but can’t take the caffeine at night the Breakfast Stout is for you. Oats, chocolate and two types of coffee combine to make your nose and mouth think your drinking a warm cup of coffee. The cinnamon colored froth evokes a gourmet cup of coffee, but without the caffeine. Try it with our Queso Con Carne to complete the meal.

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