About Keg of Knowledge

May 22, 2017


About Keg of Knowledge
Okay, what’s Taco Mac’s Keg of Knowledge all about? Simple. Think of it as a food and beer blog of sorts featuring our personable, globetrotting, and often hilarious beverage director, Adam Anacker. Taco Mac is all about keeping you—our invaluable customers—updated on what Taco Mac’s happenings are, so it made perfect sense for Adam to be the voice behind it. Ultimately, whatever is getting pulled on tap, poured in glasses, loading up our plates, or the seemingly countless events we have in store throughout the South, we will make Keg a fun, candid, yet informative read. Sound good?

We welcome your feedback, thank you in advance for following us, and hope to see you soon. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or advice on how we can make Keg of Knowledge an even better read for you!

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