January 2017 Beers of the Month

January 10, 2017


With cold and snow setting in, we’re happy to start the new year with four seasonally appropriate, tasty beers from 10 Barrel Brewing Co and Elysian Brewing Company. Each will keep you warm and help fill the cold nights in store for the month of January.


This beer from 10 Barrel started off with a different three-letter male name based on the hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic, but a Boston brewing company may have viewed it is as a trademark violation, so it was changed to Joe after cycling through several generic male names. As the name suggests, this beer encompasses all that one would expect in an IPA without any pretention.

Pray for Snow

While beer drinkers in some parts of the country may find the idea of praying for snow a bit ridiculous, those in the south likely get a kick out of the idea. This strong ale boasts of a big malty aroma and a gorgeous dark copper color. The hints of caramel and toffee combine with spicy noble hops to create a medium-bodied mouth feel that includes a nice balance of sweetness and spicy hops.

Split Shot

Elysian partnered with Stumptown coffee to create a beer that captures the best of morning brews and perfectly mates with the best of evening brews. With Split Shot coffee is no longer restricted to the morning. And since it’s a milk stout, you get cream with your coffee beer too!

Space Dust

Elysian’s take on an Imperial IPA may not have you doing the moonwalk, but it will leave your tongue happy. A truly hoppy beer with the prefect combination of dry and citrus to launch you into orbit.

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