Jonathan and his family enjoyed a full day of baseball fun at Suntrust Park after fueling up with lunch at Taco Mac, naturally.

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This is for my father in law, who I also see as a father, as he is always there to support his kids and their spouses or loved ones like they are his own. Allen, is a father of 7 and hardship has hit the family very hard. He fights through all of this everyday to make sure his family is taken care of and if one of his kids needs something or any help, he will be the first one to jump up and help no matter what. This to me is a true father, going through many of his own struggles, but his family values is what keeps him going.


This man, is hardworking, patient, and so loving. He gets off 24 sometimes 48 hour shifts and comes home with munchkin doughnuts which are his daughters favorite. Jarryd is a firefighter, husband, son, and a daddy. No matter how hard his day is or how tired he is, he makes sure that he smiles for his baby girl. He has missed birthdays, holidays, and soccer games because of his career but he always makes sure to FaceTime so that his baby can see him. This man who I call my husband saves lives and runs into burning buildings and still manages to surprise me everyday on how much love and energy he gives our daughter.


My dad is a hero everyday. My dad is a Paulding County Sheriffs Deputy. He risk his life everyday to protect people that he doesn’t even know. He risked his life even when he wasn’t working to save a man that was under a burning trailer. He is the best dad to me and my brothers and sisters. I love my dad so much and I hope I can be a great dad like he is when I grow up.


Growing up he was a single dad, my parents divorced when I was 3. He worked for years and years I’m home construction and remodels until the bubble burst. Since then he’s worked in manufacturing plants to support his wife, me, my sister and two step siblings. My dad has always been my provider and my best friend through all the trials of life.


My Dad is a Vietnam Veteran and 73 years young. This man still works full-time and volunteers countless hours to help me watch my sons while I am working. He is an amazing Grandfather to his 3 Grandsons. He has taught my boys how to catch a baseball, given them epic batting tips, attended everyone of their sporting events and held them while they were sick and out of school. He plays basketball at the community center 3 days a week to stay in shape and keep his head centered. There, he’s called Sarge and is seen as an inspiration to the young men who join in the rec games. He can still shoot a 3 and run laps around the spring chickens on the court, in-spite of his age and workload. He raised me and my siblings to be dutiful citizens and loving, caring human beings. He has lived a life of sacrifice, both for our Country and for his family.


My dad is my ultimate hero. He has always been my rock and the person I knew I could count on no matter what. My parents had my brother when they were 17 and me when they were 19. I never once saw them fight and they showed me what true love in a relationship looks like. Against all odds, they just celebrated their 30 year anniversary in April and have never once left the honeymoon stage! My grandfather passed away this past October. My dad dropped everything and took care of my grandfather 24/7 those two months. I have never seen somebody display such strength and integrity. Seeing my dad take care of grandfather the way he did was so incredible and gave me a whole new perspective of my dad. He never once takes pity in himself and continues to put us first in everything he does.


My name is Eldon and I’m 9 years old and my dad should win a day at the Braves. My dad is really awesome. He is a firefighter and a paramedic. He also works on the swat team in Atlanta. He helps protect and make the world better by saving people all the time. My dad works 3 jobs to earn money so he isn’t home a lot but when he is we always watch the Braves together. My dad will sacrifice so that he can afford for me to play baseball.

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