Macon Votes: Taco Mac Clinches Title for Best Wings in Citywide Showdown

February 26, 2024

In a heated culinary battle that captivated Macon’s food enthusiasts, Taco Mac emerged as the undisputed champion of the city’s Best Wings Contest according to the Macon Telegraph. The competition, which saw more than 5,000 votes cast over four rounds, started with a diverse lineup of 28 local restaurants, each boasting their unique take on the classic wing including a wide range of flavors and cooking methods such as fried, baked and smoked. The final round was a nail-biter, pitting Macon newcomer Taco Mac against Macon Water Ice. Ultimately, Taco Mac, known for its commitment to fresh, never frozen, locally sourced wings and house-made sauces, claimed the coveted title. This victory cements Taco Mac’s reputation as not only the Southeast’s favorite neighborhood sports bar but also as the home of Macon’s best wings.

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