February Beer of the Month

February 22, 2017



February features some amazing beers from Breckenridge Brewery. With humble beginnings in 1990, the Breckenridge Brewery is now the third oldest craft brewer in Colorado. They offer a 90-minute tour and tasting five days a week at their new facility in Littleton and the entire operation sends beer to 35 states. This month, we’re featuring the following four beers.

Breck Lager

The Breck lager is a bright gold color with a pale white head, which looks stunning when poured into a clear glass. The subtle aroma of grain and hops gives way to a crisp mouth feel and light flavor. This lager goes down easy and appeals to a broad range of beer drinking palates.

Ophelia Hoppy Wheat Ale

Just like their lager, this wheat ale is amazingly drinkable. When poured, it has nice head and lovely straw color. The citric and hops aroma is reminiscent of a light IPA as is the taste. Unlike a heavier brew, you won’t need to nurse this beer through multiple acts. Instead, you won’t want to wait until intermission to get another.

Mango Mosiac Pale Ale

As you might guess from the name, this ale has a lovely aroma of Mosaic hops and citric fruits. It’s not sweet. Instead it boasts of a dry bitter taste with hints of passionfruit, mango and white peach. The crisp body and moderate carbonation round out this ale in delightful fashion.

Vanilla Porter

Vanilla is an exotic ingredient which grows in the jungles of Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. When poured, this porter presents a nice dark brown color and smells of roasted malts and the treasured vanilla bean. A light porter that goes down smooth and leaves you wanting more. It’s perfect for winter and only slightly carbonated.


Come visit your local Taco Mac to try all four of these Breckenridge beers. You’ll be glad you did!

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