Springing into Shandies and Radlers

April 6, 2016

Springing into Shandies and Radlers with our Newest Flight


In the beverage world, a classic shandy is a sure sign of sunny weather. For those unfamiliar, a shandy (and its German cousin, the radler) is a 50/50 cocktail of beer and a citrus-flavored beverage, like lemonade or grapefruit juice.

Each spring, beer aficionados keep their eyes peeled for the newest versions of these refreshers and race to get their hands on a few cases of their favorites, as they’re often limited edition releases. A shandy has many benefits, including a refreshing nature and low alcohol content, both appealing characteristics during the warmer months when we tend to enjoy lighter, less complex beverages. Our newest flight takes the guesswork out of the equation and presents you with a taste of Taco Mac’s four favorite shandies.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

One of the most popular seasonal beers in the country, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy brings the taste of fresh squeezed lemonade to a classic, Wisconsin-brewed wheat beer. One sip of this opaque, golden beer will bring you back to your first childhood lemonade stand.

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen-Mix

We have our friends in Frankfurt to thank for the original grapefruit hefe, a true 50/50 mix of grapefruit juice and beer. This tart, slightly sweet and even a bit spicy beer will go down so quickly, you’ll be thankful for the 2.5 percent ABV.

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

This smash hit from Boulevard paired the perfect flavors- lemon and ginger- for some tangy summertime fun with a surprisingly sour aftertaste. This zesty cult classic has paved the way for radlers nationwide.

Harpoon UFO Big Squeeze Shandy

Harpoon takes grapefruit to the next level with their UFO Big Squeeze Shandy, which favors the fruit’s sweetness over its typical bitter flavoring. I advise switching out your typical Sunday morning mimosa with a Big Squeeze during the warmer months!

Do you plan to quench your thirst this summer with one of our shandies or radlers? Be sure to check out this flight and let us know which one is your favorite.

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