GA November Beer of the Month – Monday Night Brewing

November 1, 2016


November’s beer of the month feature Monday Night Brewing. The craft brewery based in Atlanta was started by three guys who met during bible study. Their mission is to create brews appropriate for weeknights that pair well with food. Stop by any of our Georgia Taco Mac locations during November to give these great beers a try.

Dad Bod

Dad Bod is a black saison with a mild aroma and hints of espresso and citrus. The relaxing combination means Dad can work out his beer muscles while not having to spend more time in the gym. It’s a down to earth beer with a mild peppery taste. Try it with a plate of our Nachos All the Way, but be prepared – the nachos may mean a few extra miles on the treadmill.

Nerd Alert

So many things in one. A pilsner, a nitro and an ale, but with a clean flavor. Beer nerds will appreciate all the technical details that went into creating it, but if that’s not you it’s okay. The brewing technicalities don’t have to matter. Sit back and enjoy the strawberry blonde color and the crisp finish. Try it with the Black Bean Burger. Yum!

Blind Pirate

Argh! Pirates at sea need citrus to prevent scurvy, but the love blood too. Monday Night Brewing gives them both with an alcoholic kick in this Blood Orange IPA. The amazing flavor comes from citric hops and real bits of blood orange in every bottle. Complete the seafarer’s meal with our Crispy Calamari.

Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt

Put a scotch ale in a bourbon barrel and what do you get? A dark, rich brew that brings the best of Scotland and South America to your glass. Try it with our Mushroom Steak Burger.


Stop by any of our Georgia locations and let us know which of these four amazing beers is your favorite.



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