Beer of the month

New Realm (GA/TN) & Back Forty (AL)


New Realm Blackberry Smoke Southern Light Lager (GA/TN)

4% ABV



New Realm Kickflipper (GA/TN)

7% ABV



New Realm Peaceful Groove (GA/TN)

5% ABV

Wheat Ale


New Realm Psychedelic Rabbit (GA/TN)

6.5% ABV



Back Forty Truck Stop Honey (AL)

6% ABV

Brown Ale


Back Forty Cart Barn Light (AL)

4.5% ABV

Cream Ale


Back Forty Devil's Staircase (AL)

6.5% ABV



Back Forty The Big Peach (AL)

6.5% ABV

Sour Ale


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What Style of Beer Should I order?
Double IPA

You’re not salty, just a little bitter. IPA fans are famously great people. All of them. It’s a fact. There’s a whole IPA universe out there to be explored from crispy imperials to hazy thick tripple hopped monsters. The world is your oyster…you hoppy, dank oyster.

If you’re less of a beer fan and more of a mocha Frappuccino kinda drinker, there’s a stout out there for you. From pastry flavored to classic dry Irish, the world of stouts is vast and dark. Oh so dark.
Hard Seltzer

Is it beer? No. Is it wine? Definitely not. But is it alcohol? Yes. And that’s enough for us. Whether you’re a peach, strawberry, or creamsicle kind of seltzer person, we’re here for it. You have a beverage in hand, and that’s what really matters.

Oh helllloo there fancy pants. Welcome to the party. If you appreciate the finer things in life and can’t imagine drinking a beer you can see through, you might be a porter drinker. Pairs best with frites, waffles, and is best consumed in a glass you can swirl while you stroke your chin and think about life’s most pressing questions.

You like things traditional, but that doesn’t have to be boring. Pilsners are light and crisp and keep the party going all night long without weighing you down. Sound familiar? That’s you, crispy boi.