National Wing Day: July 29

50% Off All Wings, all day long



Original 40 Cal Per Wing
Roasted gf 38 Cal Per Wing
Boneless 70 Cal Per Wing
6 6-PACK 8.99
10 SINGLE 11.99
20 DOUBLE 19.99
30 TRIPLE 29.99
50 PARTY 49.99
Sauces Sauces
1.Slow Burn 3 Cal
2.Death Sauce 6 Cal
3.Three Mile Island 7 Cal
4.Habanero BBQ 12 Cal
5.Hot Buffalo 4 Cal
6.Medium Buffalo 4 Cal
7.Honey Chipotle 14 Cal
8.Mild Buffalo 25 Cal
9.Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ™ 19 Cal
10.Sweet Chili Sesame 20 Cal
11.Parmesan Garlic 60 Cal
Dry Rubs
12.Original Lemon Pepper 4 Cal
13.Korean Black Garlic 7 Cal
14.Chili Mango 9 Cal

Calories in the Wing Section are calculated per wing. Choice of dressing and side calories increase as wing quantity increases. Served with choice of Blue cheese (267 Cal) or ranch (275 Cal), celery (9 Cal), carrots (19 Cal) or fries (347 Cal).

Premium side .79
Extra Blue cheese or ranch .69
Extra celery or carrots .99

Taco Mac’s Springer Mountain Farms wings are naturally raised, American Humane Certified and 100% antibiotic-free. The Southeast’s Original Buaffalo Wing paired with the Southeast’s premier poultry farmer for the hills of North Georgia.

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