Brewniversity Rules & Regulations | Taco Mac Restaurants

Rules and Regulations

With such exciting and refreshing subject matter, you’ll definitely develop an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. There are a couple of rules to keep in mind, but nothing that should get in the way of your education.

  • You must be 21 years old to enroll in Taco Mac Brewniversity.
  • One credit is applied for each unique beer. Draft beers will be listed as UPPERCASE, bottle will be listed as Title Case.
  • Only 1 person per Brewniversity account. Only the beers you enjoy will be applied to your card.
  • Brewniversity students dining together must maintain separate checks.
  • Please, always drink responsibly and always assign a designated driver.
  • Only 6 selections count toward your report card in any one day. Taco Mac reserves the right to limit the amount you drink in a day for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  • Once you become a Bachelor, your rewards will be mailed to you. We are not responsible for lost or unclaimed rewards due to an invalid or out-of-date address so be sure your information is up-to-date at all times.
  • Reward redemptions may vary per Restaurant.
  • Monetary rewards will expire 30-90 days from issue:
    $5-$50: 30 days
    $100-$250: 60 days
    $300+: 90 days
  • Gift Card Reward Dollars received for 20 oz. and 23 oz. draft beer do not expire.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to gather up your classmates, choose your courses and start studying.