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Brewniversity FAQs


Why are these changes being implemented?

To adhere to all state and local laws, we’ve had to make some amendments to our Brewniversity rewards offerings.

Is this change happening at every Taco Mac Restaurant?

Yes, this change has been implemented at all of our Restaurants as required by state and local laws. Reward redemptions may vary per Restaurant.

Will I lose any credits due to this change?

No, all existing credits in your account will remain the same. You won’t lose any current credits or your esteemed Brewniversity status.

Can I still drink from my esteemed mug?

As you attain Bachelor and Chancellor level status, you have the option to showcase your achievement in these esteemed Brew mugs.

What will 20 oz. and 23 oz. glassware look like for non-members and those below Bachelor status?

We will have universal Taco Mac etched glassware in place by the end of the month. 

While I am paying more for my esteemed mug, you are providing me a $1.50 Gift Card Reward for each beer purchased?


When will my $1.50 Gift Card Reward be applied?

Within 24 hours of your visit.

Does the $1.50 Gift Card Reward expire?


Is Brewniversity going away?

No, Brewniversity is here to stay.

Are any other changes being made to the Brewniversity program?

We are always looking for ways to enhance our Brewniversity rewards and events. Stay tuned for the latest news through our Brewniversity app and email newsletter.

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