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Brewniversity FAQ's

How do I sign up for the Brewniversity?

You may apply in person, for free at any participating T.MAC location. You  must be 21 or older to enroll in Brewniversity.


I just created my account and my history is empty, what gives?

Once completing the signup, it can take around 20 minutes for your history to be imported into the system the first time you log in.


Why isn’t the beer I just ordered showing in my history?

Beers will show up about an hour after your check closes.


At what level do you begin mailing out rewards?

We begin mailing out rewards once you hit your Brewniversity Bachelors (125).


When will I receive my rewards?

We place an order for rewards every 2 weeks. Once the order is placed, the items will ship from our warehouse to the address in your profile approximately 7 business days later.


I’ve been a member for a while and noticed that the rewards changed.  What rewards do I receive?

For any reward levels achieved after February 11, 2015, you will receive rewards listed HERE.

When will my nameplate be displayed at my home store?

Nameplates are ordered 1x month during the first week of each month for those that hit Bachelor’s level during the previous month. Once produced, they will be sent directly to the store where the store managers will either display the nameplate on the Bachelor plaque, or move existing nameplates to the next Plaque Level.


My friend just signed up and his card is different than mine.  Do I need a new card?

No, you can continue to use your current card.  Brewniversity has had different cards throughout the years and we continue to accept them all!


I don’t have my epin, how do I sign in as a new user?

If you have an older card, it is not surprising that your epin may have rubbed off. Please send an email to epin@tmacrestaurants.com with your full card number, and first & last name, and we will respond with your epin.


What do I do if I think there are beers missing from my account?

  • First and foremost, please be sure that at every visit to T.MAC, you are collecting your Brewniversity voucher at the time that you close out your check. The voucher will show you how many credits were applied to your account during that visit. If something appears incorrect, please bring it to the attention of a manager, and they will be able to resolve the problem then and there.
  • Please allow 24 hours for both the beers to show up in your list online, and your total number of credits to update.
  • Please understand that only 6 beers will count towards your Brewniversity Account in any one day. If you consume more than 6 beers during a visit, only the first 6 will show up on your account.
  • Please understand that if you close your check and re-open for any reason (table transfer, new server) that your card must be swiped again, for your beers to be applied to your account.
  • If you have checked all of the above off of your list, and you still feel there was an error made to your account, please email us at brewniversity@tmacrestaurants.com with your full card number, date & location of the error, and the missing beers, and we will investigate further.  We will not be able to credit you for the exact beers you drank, but you will receive the proper number of credits.

I was recently on vacation and tried some awesome beer that I wish T.MAC had… How can we make this happen?

By law, beer retailers are required to buy beer from licensed distributors in their geographic region. What does that mean? It means that we cannot buy beer directly from the manufacturer or from distributors outside of our area. Alcohol is a controlled substance, so the laws are very strict regarding its sale and distribution. So when building and maintaining our inventories, there are only certain beers available to us. There are many beers that are not sold in this area for many reasons. Some of the breweries are quite small. Some of them are very far away. Some are already operating at capacity with their current markets. Brewery expansion is quite costly, so taking on new markets is not always in the interest of some companies. In addition, these companies need to look at long-term, sustainable sales in a new market to justify the costs associated with expansion and getting licensed in that state. Strength of sales is also extremely important because beer is perishable. Sending a small amount of beer to a market to ensure freshness is not a good idea either based on freight costs. Long story short, the beer business is a lot more complicated than most people think. We can encourage these brewers to come to our region by telling them about what we do and the many loyal beer drinkers we have as guests (i.e. you), but that is about it. As strong a beer retailer as T.MAC is, we are part of a larger picture in the eyes of a brewing company. But if you keep drinking them, they will keep coming. So keep up the good work!


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